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English Channel



Whatever your occasion, English Channel makes it one to remember!

English Channel

Stream of Spirit

“Bar” is a common name for all those rooms or the establishments which serve alcohol over the counter. Unfortunately, the bars are often referred to as the pubs. You know what a pub is just a building having the licence to sell the alcoholic drinks.

The crux is: NOT all the bars are the exactly same comparing the quality of the alcohol and the alcoholic beverages served in sync with the general ambience and the food. We thus call the bar as the English Channel in The Royal Comfort hotel.

Key features of our English Channel:

  • It is a cosy and well-stocked bar on the first floor of the hotel. This protects you from walking past the crowded lobby area.
  • You can find many national and international brands of alcohol and the beverages standing tall vying for your attention in the repertory.
  • We replenish our stocks at regular intervals with the latest arrivals from the reputed manufacturers from around the world. As a matter of fact, you will always find something new to explore here.
  • Our bartenders are highly experienced for making the cocktail and the mocktail befitting your wishes.  
  • You will love the cuisines at our English Channel in sync with the high beats of the music befitting the ambience during the 12 – 23 hrs on weekdays and up to the 24 hours beginning at 12 hrs during the Friday and the Saturday.

Join the bandwagon at the English Channel for a lifetime experience.

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